Friday, February 6, 2015

5 February 2015

As we have had time, we have tried to see the sights around Cape Town. The attractions are numerous and one could spend a couple of weeks full time seeing them and still come up short of seeing everything worthwhile. Trying to capture the sights on camera does not do them justice; especially with the pocket sized one we brought with us. However, it does a good job of gathering in the broad scope scenic view and that is what we hope you will appreciate as you view the collection of snaps here.

The South African Old Glory

Topographic relief map of Cape Town area and Cape of Good Hope peninsula - No, the man on the right is not Harrison Ford. Joining Angie and I is Paul and Kathy Wheeler.

Cape Town from the cable car

The easy way up and down Table Mtn
You have heard of snow avalanches - these are cloud avalanches

Lions Head Peak and Signal Mtn from cable car

Wind sailing from Lion's Head peak
Downtown Cape Town

Downtown Cape Town
Downtown Cape Town
Cape Town - tourist accommodations

Cape Town - the wharf area

Cape Town - the wharf area
the Wharf's Ferris Wheel
Wharf area from Ferris wheel
Wharf view from Ferris wheel - Cape Town
Cape Town wharf area from Ferris Wheel
Cape Town wharf area from Ferris Wheel
Tour cruise boats - Cape Town
Pirate tour boat
University yacht for oceanic studies 
Green Market Square - Cape Town's answer to tourist's search for African crafts

I will sure be glad when this day is over
Stone art at the wharf 


Robben Island is an island located approximately 4 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa. The name is Dutch for "seal island" and is 2 square miles in size.

The island is internationally known for the fact that Nobel Laureate and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela  was imprisonbed there for 18 of the 27 years he served behind bars before the fall of apartheid.

Robben Island has been used as a prison for political prisoners and convicted criminals from 1961 until is was closed in 1996. the island was also used as a leper colony beginning in 1845. today the island is a popular tourist attraction.

Welcome to political asylum - Really?
The message behind their rebellion
Robbens Island political prisoners  
Busting rock, a prisoner's pass time

Nelson Mandela's cell & only possessions at prison

Recreation Area

World War I light house on Robbens Island. The lighthouse build in 1864, located on the highest point on the island, still serves to warn ships of the rocks that surround the island and have caused the wreck of many ships

Leprosy grave yard on Robbens Island. 

             More miscellaneous pictures:
The only thing I didn't get was the kitchen sink (cause there wasn't one)
New Years day. Everyone have your seat belts fastened?    
"I just hope he does not slam on the brakes!!"
Come on Mom, let's go

This missionary wanted a hug - not sure it was this kind he wanted.
Missionary's send off - good-byes are never fun
Cape Town, South Africa - Loaded and ready to go home after 18 months
On arrival home - greetings, greetings everywhere.

                                                                       Thank you

As a closing note, we want each of you to know we are unable to put in words the gratitude we have of the privilege of being able to serve a mission for our Church in South Africa. We have come to appreciate the great abundance that the Lord has given us and a people who have so much less than us. We hope that when we have gotten to know our family again, the Lord will find a use for us somewhere else.

Elder & Sister Blatter

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