Sunday, March 2, 2014

2 March 2014

This week has been one of more training individuals to be better prepared to gain employment. However, this was one group that was different than the rest in many ways which is the basis of this weeks comments.

The group referred to is pictured below. A quick glance at the group tells the viewer that these are no ordinary individuals. They are all approximately the same age, they are all dressed in a suit and a tie, and their general appearance displays an air of confidence and demeanor. They are, in fact, missionaries who are within six weeks of being released from their missions and will be going back to their home country. 

The other couple are Senior Missionaries serving in the area where we held the training.

 This release brings with it a mixture of emotions to them (and to those with whom they have served). Some will be going back home to parents and siblings; a home that has security, love and solidarity. They look forward to going to school and beginning a family. The environment they return to is one of peace and tranquility conducive to being able to do these things. However, for others, what they have to look forward to could not be more opposite. They have no parents, and in some cases, no siblings to greet them at the airport or, more than likely, bus station. The environment they will be returning to is one of tin shacks with no running water or any other “modern conveniences” we are accustomed to. The chances of finding employment is dismal. Even worse, some are faced with going back to a war-torn country where fighting and instability is a way of life.

The emotion strings for each of them get strung tight as they reflect on the two years they have been free from the cares of the world. During this time, they have always had a comfortable place to come home to each night and there has not been a day go by when they have not had plenty to eat. Those they have associated with each day have strengthened them in their resolve to serve the Lord – that has been their only concern for two years and they have enjoyed it – loved it and each will be saddened to leave it behind regardless of what they have to return home to.

As we worked with them in class, we immediately understood that they were a cut above the others we have taught. Their ability to grasp and incorporate concepts and principles is quick and perceptive. They quickly understand how they will be able to utilize the training to be better prepared to be competitive in an environment that does not hesitate to trample upon the weak and indecisive. As the class ended, they were still grasping for more knowledge as if there is only information famine to greet them beyond the classroom.

As they departed, we greeted them with a firm handshake and wished them well. However, in our hearts we weep a little as we consider what lies ahead of them as they return to a world of challenges which are unconquerable to those who are not prepared.

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